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Registered in England Company Number 4861815  172 Reepham Road Norwich NR6 5SN   Directors S J & R M Bradshaw
My History
 My first aquaintance with the inside of a piano was at the beginning of my apprenticeship in September 1973. I was employed by Suttons Pianos, a well established piano shop in Norwich, 
Mr Reg Sutton, whose business it was, started his own working life as a piano tuning and repair apprentice. He came to Norwich in the 1930s to take up employment with Bedwells a piano relailer in Exchange Street. This business he took over and eventually moved further up Exchange Street to a premises currently occupied by 'Brambles'.

I was grounded in all aspects of piano tuning and restoration by the workshop manager Geoffrey Chatten and Mr Sutton himself. There were three apprentices who were overseen in the tasks of complete dismantling and overhaul of pianos bought by Mr Sutton from local auction houses and the like. How to work on casework, action and strings. re-stringing, re-laying keyboards, and regulation were taught from the begining, with tuning instruction after the first year. Over the next 3 years tuning many different instruments, and having the tuning evaluated, I was 'allowed out' under supervision, tuning for customers. I started full time tuning in 1976.
Not long after  I was appointed workshop manager in 1981, the business  was taken over by Mike King and partners, the emphasis in the new business moved away from pianos, and in that year, an agreement was made for myself and the other senior tuner to service the regular tuning round independantly.
I then became self employed in 1981 and have continued  to tune full time since then having tuned for concert pianists, many piano and music teachers, and having supplied hundreds of pianos  still regularly serviced by myself.